They are published subject to printing errors or omissions.
Rental prices of houses are VAT, including utilities (water , electricity).
The price includes the final cleaning and rental of all linen .


The booking confirmation will be sent by mail within two weeks of your booking.


Upon receipt of the rental confirmation you must pay 30 % of the total booking amount by check , bank transfer . The balance is due six weeks before arrival. Upon receipt of your deposit, the reservation is final.
If you book six weeks or less before your arrival date it is the total amount of the bill which is to be set.


All cancellations must be notified in writing.
The amount of the deductions depends on the date of cancellation of the stay, the postmark authentic.

90 days or more prior to arrival : 15% of the invoice amount
89-60 days before arrival : 50% of the invoice amount
59-30 days before arrival : 75% of the invoice amount
29-3 days before arrival : 90% of the invoice amount
less than 3 days before arrival: 100% of the invoice amount .


Any changes must be confirmed in writing before the scheduled day of arrival. File modification fees retained up to 15 Euros for any changes.


A deposit of 500 € will be required upon arrival. It may be paid in cash or check. This deposit , minus any costs for your home (damaged inventory , garden, etc ….) , you will be refunded after inspection within two weeks of your departure.


Movable and immovable objects should suffer than normal use .
Missing or damaged items will be replaced or paid for by the lessee. This clause applies to wallpaper, paint , curtains , draperies , appliances , bedding , linens ( bed linen, tolettes linen, kitchen linen) .
The premises are delivered clean and in good condition and must be made ​​so .

The lessee is required to put the furniture and objects to the places they occupied on arrival .
It is forbidden to throw in the sinks , sinks, toilets objects likely to clog otherwise assume the restoration costs.
It is expressly forbidden to put the laundry in the windows.
The tenant agrees to have liability insurance with a clause ” resorts ” .


Rental is solely for the week, from Saturday to Saturday.
The day of your arrival you can take possession of your house from 15 H and the day of your departure, you must leave your home before 10 H.


Complaints concerning the stay should be sent by registered mail to :
18 bis rue Popincourt
75011 PARIS
within 30 days following the date of departure.
But it is better for your pleasure to report on site annoyance ; We will make every effort to accommodate your request to the extent of our possibilities.


The Owners , Antoine and Cécile Bernard Duff are not responsible for :

damage and / or injuries in the Villa Sterenn or extèrieurs , whatever the reason
information provided orally or by telephone
theft, loss or damage you may suffer in the villa
disturbance that may disturb, stop or prevent your stay in the event of force majeure or fortuitous event such as drought , floods, oil spills, general cut electricity, gas, water , strikes, work (road construction buildings that can occur around the Villa) .

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